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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My Brother's band, PHONGKOLOIDZ! Featuring MAMARK! [the one wearing the checkered cap]

Above is my brother and the lead singer of their band, he also holds the guitar position. Known to his fellow band mates as Tamulmol!

Their drummer extraordinaire; September Ben a.k.a. Lester but also known among his band mates as Tambalaekoy!

The Bassist, the master of plucking thick strings and die hard Beatles fan; Joey Chichabachichachi!!!

The master musician singer songwriter himself, the life of the group, and the noisiest of them all, I give you Marco Angelo "BUSAKULO" H. Padua on guitar and backup vocals!

And last but not the least; the hairy one who hates every bit of vegetation, the one who does not eat his greens, the one and the only BULBULATOR!!!

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marcobusakulo said...

wahahaha ang malupet na banda!!!